If you’re looking for a cheap LSCWP web hosting for WordPress website or an Ultra-fast LiteSpeed hosting then probably you’ve reached the right place. We have tried to summarize Introduction of Web Hosting, How to choose the right type of web hosting for your website and a lot of other facts which you should look for before purchased a web hosting for your website including uptime, hosting configuration, reviews, advertisements, pricing, security, support and freebies like Free DIVI Premium theme and FREE WordPress optimization.

Web Hosting – An Introduction

Owning a website requires hosting. Once one gets decided on the name of the domain, next daunting step comes is to select the best hosting plan as per your needs of the website. You already might have one and may now want to shift to a better hosting but are scared as it is difficult to choose from varied web hosting providers.

Let us help you by letting you know what you must keep in mind while opting for the right kind of web hosting. Websites are hosted on special computers known as servers which are often displayed as web hosting, shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. They can cost from free to highly expensive plans giving certain services. It however becomes difficult to know which is suitable for what sort of website. Each is structured in a way to offer the best possible benefits in certain pricing. Though it may sound difficult to search and compare all plans and pricing but it is necessary to know and calculate the storage space or bandwidth. Most important point that we recommend is the customer service and transparency of the hosting configuration. We say so because most of the web hosting providers don’t even disclose their right configuration.

Hosting is the foundation of your website and if it is not strong enough, your whole business and its name may suffer the consequences. Cheap Web hosting had gradually made its importance in the market as a medium to offer the maximum benefits in a budget that internet has to offer to its user in personal and business aspect. Fortunately, the cheap web hosting providers are in abundance in the market and unfortunately, reliability and friendly customer support is not so easily at its dispersal.

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How to Choose the Right Web Hosting for your Website?

For the new bees their primary motive is just to pick the best cheap web hosting available in the market and often they get hitched by the free hosting plan propagated by cheap web hosting companies. Unlike myglobalhost – which is a leading web hosting company in India, In reality the best free web hosting providers can make promises it can’t keep. Some of these promises may seem insignificant to you but in reality they are just a way to mislead its customer which is totally unfair irrespective of the amount paid. So, let us consider the following points before buying the best hosting for your website:


  1. Beware of Misleading Ads and SEO: The often encountered Ads are of Free Hosting and “BEST HOSTING”. These are all advertisement and SEO tricks used to catch the attention of the audience present online. By just using the best hosting and best cheap hosting etc. doesn’t make them the best. For the same price the offerings or configuration of hosting plans of such providers will always differ. So, when your attention gets caught by such things, we recommend you to compare and look for more than what they just claim to be.
  2. Know what service you need: – As we have explained earlier each hosting company is different and so are your needs. It becomes essentially important to know what hosting you require. For example, if you have a WordPress website, you will look for LiteSpeed WordPress hosting with LSCWP which will be helpful for optimizing the performance and security of your WordPress website. You must also look for such a provider who can alter the plan as per your need and deliver the best possible solution for your web hosting.
  3. Uptime Guarantee: – Uptime is something which matters a lot irrespective of the size of the company, brand and business. With big brands you may never see any such failure but small businesses run on high risk from it as they often choose the wrong hosting provider. For small companies down time for even a minute can cause loss of customers and reputation. Nobody will return to a new and small business if it is not an established brand. So, each and every sort of downtime result in loss of potential sales. Longer duration of downtime also results in losing you google rankings. (A factor one can’t afford to bear).
  4. Reviews: – Reviews can be the best source to check the reliability of the hosting company. Star ratings and reviews present online are a valuable source for owners looking for the best hosting solutions as you get the actual judgement by the customers on their quality of service. A caution again is required as these can be purchased for false propaganda. You must check for their review on trusted and renowned platforms such as Host Advise which are known for their authenticity.
  5. Pricing: – We cannot ignore the fact that most of the customers are looking for the right pricing first than their required hosting configuration. If affordability is crucial, then so is the price stability and cost transparency meaning no extra or hidden charges. You may witness inflation in pricing from time to time yet a good web hosting provider will ensure minimum inflation and upgrading its services as the justified reason for inflation.
  6. Flexibility: – Hosting requirements may also change from time to time depending on the traffic and other reasons such a RAM, CPU or even storage. So when your website grows and your needs change another reliable factor comes into play. That is how quick and easily are you able to jump to a bigger package or even to a different form of hosting solution (e.g. VPS, dedicated server or cloud).
  7. Security: – Cyberattacks have become a major threat to website owners with hacking, ransomware, malware, data theft and DDOS attacks leading to the demise of many businesses. One of the most important measure of a web host’s reliability is how well they protect their customers from cybercrime. This may include latest firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention tools and anti-spam email filters. Their ability to provide security services such as remote, encrypted backups, SSL certificates and email signing certificates.
  8. Technical Support: – There are many issues you can have with running a website and having 24/7 technical support in place means that, regardless of the time of day, an expert will be available to help sort the problem straight away. Same goes for the web hosting providers. Having a support team there for you in the time of need with various options available such as through live chat, phone, WhatsApp or ticket.
  9. Refund Policy: – People don’t always make the right choice with their hosting, nor are they always satisfied with the hosting services or support they receive. What makes this a bitter pill to swallow is that, should they change their mind, they find themselves out of pocket. A trusted hosting provider will always be so confident in his service and support that it will always offer you a solution in case you want your money back. However, within 30 days of time one can always choose a monthly hosting and upgrade or buy the yearly plan afterwards for caution.
  10. SSL Certificate: SSL certificate refers to encrypting data transfer over www via https. As per google search policy, SSL plays an crucial role in securing your website.
  11. Backup / Restore: It would not be wrong to say that most of the companies provide backup option for your website hosted with them but again the catch is such that among most of them you might not find the option to restore this backup or download it by yourself.

UPTIME GUARANTEE is also a trick which you can easily fall victim to. If you are being unsatisfied with the hosting and want to switch to some other hosting provider and the access to download the backup of your website is not with you and the hosting company would only restore it for you on their hosting, you can’t switch and will have to bear their services painfully or pay them to get the backup.

Beware of Uptime Guarantee!

Always double check your hosting configuration requirement before buying a web hosting for your website

Below listed are the factors you must look into before buying a hosting for your website.


  1.  Hosting Configuration:
    • Core / CPU: Helps in processing of website & its related services. Every server has limited resources and this is what happens in a shared hosting plan. For example, the company sells 500 shared hosting accounts (the realistic number) and places them on the server. Each account gets, say, 1 CPU core and 1 GB RAM. So there are 500 users with 1 GB RAM allocated for each user. And the server’s RAM is 64GB, not 500 GB (1 GB x 500 users). This is the point of a shared hosting – the server resources are shared among the users. Now looking at this you might feel that it is impossible to sell so many clients on server for hosting providers and how do they do it. The reason why it’s possible to host hundreds of clients on one server and their websites can still be fast is because the websites do not load on the server simultaneously.
    • RAM: helps in boosting your background processes. RAM is one of the key factors which helps in processing background process which further contributes to the well running of your website. For example, Go-daddy offer the starting hosting plan for Rs 1400 apprx for 1 year in which it offers 256MB of RAM which is only good for static / html websites. Hence in it very important to understand the RAM requirement for your website rather than to focus only on the pricing. Please note that minimum RAM you should not be less than 1GB.
    • Entry Process: EP or Entry process helps in running backend scripts / processes at a single point of time. In case of WordPress, there may be a number of plugins or themes which requires some scripts / processes to load in the background to fully load the website for 1 visitor and same is the case for multiple users at the same time. Large number of enter processes are required for blogs / news / e-commerce websites and websites with large number of traffic. However please do not confuse the Entry Process with the number of users / traffic it can cater to, in simple language it signifies only the number of processes the hosting account can handle simultaneously. Please note that Entry Process should not be less than 20.
    • IO / IOPS: It straight away refers to the Input & output speed per second the hosting account can handle for your website. It also determines the file download / upload speed you will be getting and is really Important for smooth and fast loading of your website. Please note that minimum IO should not be less than 2MB/s.
    • Inode Limits: INODE in simple language is the restriction which is put by the hosting provider to stop uploading or creating of new files after a specific number is reached. Almost all of the hosting providers who offers unlimited storage options has a restriction on INODE so that technically they are offering unlimited hosting space however the number of files are restricted. This is one such point to check before buying hosting plans. And this restriction matters a lot especially when you buy a hosting plan for 1year or more. Prefer a hosting provider which does not offer any restriction on INODES.
    • Storage Type (SSD / HHD): Thesethree letter abbreviations represent two different types of storage disks on any physical machine or server. For you, it’s important to understand which type of Hard disk your hosting company is offering you & which one is better among: SSD & HDD. While both are a viable means of storing files, SSD hosting has some very significant advantages when compared with HDD hosting. The major benefit of SSD hosting is faster site speed. Because your drive can serve up data faster, your site will consequently load faster. Also because hard disk drives rely on physical spinning, they’re far more prone to mechanical failure than solid state drives and if a drive fails, you’re at risk for data loss. It is definitely a viable choice for being able to provide better hosting performance as it can read and write data at the same time. To understand it in a simpler way, there are two major types of storage options available in web hosting field- HDD & SSD. Nevertheless, just keep in mind that no one in the entire world can offer you unlimited SSD storage for your website without INODE restrictions which clearly means that nothing is unlimited.

Below the a comparison done on the basic hosting plans offered by the below mentioned Hosting Companies:

Comparison of Web Hosting Providers min

Conclusion: As you can notice in the above comparative table drawn on the basic plan these companies offer for hosting, the best web services are offered by myglobalHOST.in – Be it a LightSpeed server with SSD storage to malware protection and many more. The amazing point is that most of the customers look for affordability first and with them it is actually possible unlike other hosting companies who claim to give high discounts but hitch you on that for 2 to 3-year plan. Even if you purchase their plain for 2 to 3 years their refund policy stands for 30 days only.

You can choose to buy a monthly plan with myglobalHOST and can later easily upgrade your hosting plan for a year. In every scenario possible myglobalHOST stands out with best offers. myglobalHOST.in is a great web host for all kinds of websites like business, e-commerce and blog. Now it is not about being the best cheap hosting available but the transparency that they offer on their resources unlike others. Their foremost quality that we appreciate the most over all other aspects is their support system.  They have a dedicated technical support team who can solve all your problem with your site if you have any. myglobalHOST.in support team is not just a team who just pics up your call and keep on transferring it, the first person who attends your call will be capable of solving your issue.

Freebies offered by myglobalHOST.in


Free SSL, Performance Server, Malware Protection and a lot more

myglobalHOST.in offers a variety of freebies which no one else at this point of time is offering. One of the biggest free service / product being offered by myglobalhost is FREE DIVI PREMIUM THEME, which is a leading wordpress builder to build beautiful WordPress websites. A builder which costs more than $70 (USD) is being offered to every client of myglobalhost. Along with DIVI, they also offer FREE WORDPRESS OPTIMIZATION in case you are facing speed optimization issues. Isn’t it enough for less than Rs 70 per month? for extremely fast LiteSpeed Web Hosting with LSCWP and QUIC CDN.

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