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Introducing Hosting Challenge Program. We openly welcome all WordPress owners to challenge us & prove that your hosting is faster than ours. If we fail, you get a Free Hosting Website for WordPress for complete 1 year.

Hosting Challenge – Must know!

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What is Free Hosting Challenge Program?

myglobalHOST is the first and only one hosting provider to introduce this amazing Hosting Challenge program which is exclusively created for wordpress users and owners. Anyone, anytime from any part of India can opt for this program “if you think that your current hosting provider is offering you better speed for your wordpress website then, you can opt for this challenge. We will migrate your website to us for Free and test performance on Gtmetrix (India) and Google Speed Insights. If we fail in showcasing better performance than your current provider then you get a FREE Web Hosting for complete 1year (at no cost at all) AND if you fail, then you can simply buy the plan from us (ANYTIME)”.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone, anytime from any part of India with a wordpress website can opt for Hosting Challenge Programe but not limited to:

  • You must have a running website built on wordpress.
  • Targetting Indian customers / visitors primarily.
  • Not using more than 10 plugins & 2 themes at the max.
  • Website should be clear from malware and unwanted code.
  • You should not be an existing user of myglobalHOST.
  • You must be a active subscriber of DMarketing Wall & myglobalHOST on youtube.
How to Challenge?

If you’re eligible & wishes to test your current hosting speed V/s myglobalHOST, then simply scroll down the page and fill in the form. On submission we will carry out the below steps:

  • Step 1
    • You shall get a call / Email from us within 4 working hours.
  • Step 2
    • We will check if you actually meet the eligibility criteria.
    • We will run a speed test on Gtmetrix (India) and Google Speed Insights for your website and save screenshots of the results for later comparison.
  • Step 3
    • We will create a backup of your website and migrate to test domain at myglobalHOST’s server for free and conduct same test with same parameters and save screenshots of the test results.
  • Step 4
    • A detailed comparison will be done based on screenshots taken and. awinner will be announced. If we fail to showcase better speed & performance then, we will issue you a Free Hosting account for your website (MYLT1 Plan) for 1year AND if your hosting fails then upon your choice & willingness you can buy hosting from us at a regular price (NO COMPULSION).
Important Notice

Free Hosting Website Challenge is a limited time offer.

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