Step to install SSL Certificate in cPanel

  • Login to cPanel
  • Search & Click on “SSL/TLS Status”
  • Check / Select all domains & sub-domains
  • Click on “Auto SSL”
  • Wait for sometime as it may take upto 30 seconds to complete the process
  • Once the SSL is installed, the page will reload
  • If the above steps does not work then crosscheck if your domain is connected with the hosting or not (via nameservers)

Step to activate SSL Certificate in cPanel (Force SSL Redirect):

  • Login to cPanel
  • Search & Click on “Domain”
  • Click on Force SSL “ON” from “OFF”
  • The above step will force redirect your website from http to https
  • If the above steps does not work then crosscheck if your domain is connected with the hosting or not (via nameservers)

You may also like to see the video tutorial below to know how to install SSL & Activate SSL on cPanel

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