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Why is it Important to update the Nameservers?
Updating nameserver is utmost important so that the domain can be linked with the hosting account in order to work properly. Without updating the nameserver correctly, the website / domain or site will not work as expected. There are two scenarios to decide how to update the nameservers.

SCENARIO-1: If your domain is purchased from myglobalhost:
In this case there is no need to update nameservers.

SCENARIO-2: If your domain is purchased from another provider:

  • Step 1: Login to your domain registrar’s account example
  • Step 2: Go to DNS Settings of your domain.
    • Click or update / change nameserver and enter the namerserver details
    • Click on Update / Save.

Important Note:

If because of any reason you’re not able to update the nameservers on your own then please contact your domain provider and ask them to update it in your domain.

Complete DNS propagation / updation may take upto 48hours.

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