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Unleash the power of gTLDs (Generic Top-Level Domains) to leave an indelible mark on the market, establishing a distinctive presence for your brand. Ignite curiosity and foster brand awareness with these versatile domains, amplifying your reach and capturing the attention of your target audience. Elevate your brand to new heights by registering a business-related domain alongside your country-specific domain, ensuring unparalleled visibility and recognition. , .net

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Country codes, commonly referred to as ccTLDs (Country Code Top-Level Domains), offer an exceptional avenue to establish a direct connection with your clientele in specific countries, sovereign states, or dependent territories. Embracing these domain names is widely favored among businesses, regardless of their size or industry, as they serve as the premier choice for enhancing market presence and engaging with target audiences. ,

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Break free from limitations and target the global market with unparalleled precision using top-level domains (TLDs). These global domains open up boundless opportunities to expand your reach and tap into diverse markets worldwide. Amplify your impact by strategically combining country-specific and global domains, seamlessly connecting your brand across borders and dissolving barriers for a truly interconnected presence in the digital realm. , .net

FAQ’s on Domain Registration, Transfer and Renewal

Get all your burning questions answered about domain registration, transfer, and renewal with our comprehensive FAQ guide. Clear any doubts and make informed decisions to ensure a seamless experience for your online presence.

What is a domain name?
Domain name in simple language is the name of your website by which people will call / visit your website. A moment the domain name is attached to a hosting server, the domain can be accessed & becomes visible on the internet. Hence, finding the most relevant domain name is as important as choosing a name for a kid, as it becomes the primary identity. Hence, choose your domain name wisely.
Can i buy a domain name which is a Trademark?
Domain registration is an open market place for anyone & everyone who so ever purchases it first automatically becomes the legal owner of the domain name. However, you have to be careful while ordering a domain name and using it as your business website especially when its registered trademark. You should seek a written approval from the registered owner before you use his name on your owned domain’s website.
My choice of Domain name is not available. What should i do?
It may happen many times that the domain name you want for your website is not available or is premium, In such case look for an alternative domain name or some synonym. You can also use Hyphens and Numbers in the name to increase the chances of being available however please note that it can confuse / jumble your customers so, you should avoid buying it as far as possible.
For example, if your brand name is ‘Cheap Hosting for All’ then avoid using “cheaphosting4all” domain name. It may confuse your audience making them think that you only 4 hosting plans. So, try to adhere to A to Z letters only for an effective domain name.
Which is better .com or .in?
It does not matter which domain TLD (extension) you buy however if your target market is global then it will be better if you buy .com domain from Google’s point of view and if your target market is India then you can go with .in domain registration also as it will signify INDIA and will be cheaper as well as compared to .com domain.
What are TLD's in Domain?
TLD simply refers to top leve domain extension which represents your business type and origin. There are hundreds of TLD’s available to match your business type. For Example: For the non-profit organisation (organization) you can register a .org domain name. You can also choose the domain names as per the country code like, .in for India .in, .ca for Canada, .blog for blogging websites etc.
My domain name expired. What should i do?
If your domain has been expired within last 25-30 days then you can still renew the domain by paying domain redemption charges. But if it is been more than 30days that your domain has been expired then you will have to pay hefty restoration charges which we will not suggest. After approximately 60 to 90days of domain expiry date, the domain is generally released by the registrar so that it becomes available once again and anyone can buy it at a normal new registration price.