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Get affordable & cheap VPS Server with SSD drive full and root access, DDoS Protection, HDD storage drive, Management & multiple choice of data center locations – USA, Europe & Asia and a lot more.

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Data Center: Europe, USA & Asia

4 Core + 8 GB RAM

180 GB Storage

100% SSD Storage

1 IPv4 Address

Root Access

99.95% Uptime

Buy Monthly for ₹860 /mo


Buy for 1yr at ₹8,680

Pay for 10 months & Get 2 months FREE


Data Center: Europe, USA & Asia

6 Core + 16 GB RAM

380 GB Storage

100% SSD Storage

1 IPv4 Address

Root Access

99.95% Uptime

Buy Monthly for ₹1,730 /mo


Buy for 1yr at ₹17,300

Pay for 10 months & Get 2 months FREE


Data Center: Europe, USA & Asia

8 Core + 32 GB RAM

780 GB Storage

100% SSD Storage

1 IPv4 Address

Root Access

99.95% Uptime

Buy Monthly for ₹2,890 /mo


Buy for 1yr at ₹28,900

Pay for 10 months & Get 2 months FREE


Data Center: Europe, USA & Asia

10 Core + 64 GB RAM

1.5 TB Storage

100% SSD Storage

1 IPv4 Address

Root Access

99.95% Uptime

Buy Monthly for ₹5,190 /mo


Buy for 1yr at ₹51,900

Pay for 10 months & Get 2 months FREE

Choose Your Control Panel

Control Panel like cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Direct Admin, CWP Pro helps in easy management of your VPS (Cloud Server). Choose the suitable control panel option from the while ordering the VPS to simplify the management of your new server. You may also choose to buy the VPS on CentOS7 and setup control panel later.

Wide choice of Data Center locations to choose from for your cheap VPS server!

Singapore (Asia)

Singapore is becoming a high in demand data center location for VPS hosting servers / Cloud Networks after India. The response time for Singapore network is less than 100ms as compared to India with about 55ms. In addition to it, Singapore offers you a very high bandwidth & port speed for smooth & stable performance.

USA (East, West & Central)

VPS with USA data center has been in-demand for over a decade majorly as it is cost effective and offers great bandwidth. In USA, we offer cheap leased VPS server based in US East (New York City), US West (Seattle) and US Central (St. Louis).


Europe has a major share of Data Centers for Cloud and best VPS server requirements. We have 3 locations in Europe which includes Frankfurt, Germany, Dusseldorf and Nuremberg which offers a reasonable response time for entire world.

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Why choose VPS Server Hosting from myglobalHOST?

Being of of the Best Web Hosting Provider & a proven customer service track record, we have always strive to provide outstanding, brisk and ultra-fast hosting services which is backed by our support team & performance servers.

Choice of OS

Choose from Centos, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD, Debian, openSUSE and AlmaLinux.

Multiple Data Centers

Choose from our multiple data center locations for your VPS hosting server like Europe, USA and Asia.

99.95% Uptime

We offer 99.95% of hosting uptime guarantee

Multiple Control Panel

Choose from the most popular control panels like cPanel, CWP Pro, DirectAdmin and Plesk.

Upto 1Gbit/s Port Speed

Choose from 200Mbit/s, 400Mbit/s, 600Mbit/s, 800Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s of port connection speed.

WhatsApp Support

Apart from Live Chat, Email & Phone support, now you can even reach us on WhatsApp.

Multiple Storage Options

Choose from multiple storage options like HDD, SSD and NVMe for fast data read and write operations.

DDoS Protection

All vps server hosting plans at myglobalHOST comes with built-in DDoS protection.

Excellent Track Record

We bring an excellent service handling record with over 98% happy customers.

Need to Contact Us?

Contact us from 11AM to 6PM (all days) even if you’re not planning to buy at the moment but have queries related to any of our services including web hosting, domains or VPS server and we will be more than HAPPY TO HELP YOU!

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FAQ’s on Cheap VPS Server with SSD storage drive!

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Cheap VPS Server. Initiate a live chat or call +91-7986284663 to know more.

Can you tell more about myglobalHOST? was launched in April 2020 in view of Coronavirus pandemic which affected millions of businesses online to provide the most economical web hosting services in India with 24/7 priority support and a long list of freebies & features. We are a Trademark & MSME registered company. Since the inception, we have hosted more than 10,500 webistes and have helped over 8,000 websites in achieving 100% google page insights score.

How can i reach myglobalHOST for support?

myglobalHOST’s priority has always been to offer excellent reachability. Our technical support team is available 24x7x365 on Email / Tickets and from 11AM to 6PM IST via Live chat, Phone, WhatsApp & Emails. You can get a support from us in English & Hindi languages.

What is a vps and how is it different than vps hosting server?
A virtual private server or a VPS, as the name suggests is a virtually isolated server condition created from a dedicated server into several virtual servers with every server getting its dedicated resources like disk space, CPU, and memory, making it completely yours with multiple root access for each virtualization (vps). So you can say that you have your own server, but virtually. Every single VPS server is completely isolated from other servers and functioning like any regular dedicated server. As several virtual private servers function from a single physical server, the operating and maintenance costs are remarkably reduced making VPS server hosting an affordable alternative to dedicated server.
What are the choice of operating systems for cheap vps server hosting at myglobalHOST?

You can choose the type of OS you want for your vps hosting server and leave its installation to us. Get the best OS for your virtual hosting server & experience the highest level of security with built-in DDoS protection. The range of VPS OS available with myglobalHOST are Centos, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD, Debian, openSUSE and AlmaLinux.

Is it necessary to have technical knowledge to manage vps server?

No! If you are planning to buy a vps hosting server to manage few of your self owned business websites but in a certainly yes if you’re planning to have a vps server for testing / production applications like NodeJS, Python etc. However, at myglobalHOST we offer you buy the cheap vps hosting server for your requirement with both managed & unmanaged options which you can choose while ordering the vps from us.

How much time will it take to set up my vps server hosting plan?

Normally, any linux vps server you order from myglobalHOST is deployed almost instantly. However, It may take upto 48hours also in case you’re opted for specific OS or Control Panel.

Can I install any software on my vps server?

You can install any third-party application or software which is compatible with your VPS server’s configuration & OS as we offer you to have total control over your vps server with full root access. With myglobalHOST, all vps server users are free to install and run any kind of application on the VPS hosting server as long as they comply with our TOS.

Can I upgrade my vps servers configuration or the vps hosting plan completely?

Certainly Yes! You can request an upgrade for your vps hosting server anytime by contact our support team. However, please note that vps upgradation process will take upto 72hours for live migration followed by upto 2hours of downtime depending upon the storage you’ve used so far in your existing vps server.

Is VPS server secure?

Ofcourse Yes!, VPS server itself provides a higher level of security. And as we offer vps server service, we will monitor & safeguard your VPS server’s infrastructure in case of a managed vps server. Your website or app will not be impacted because of any activity happening on another site that is hosted on other virtual servers on the same physical machine and your allocated resources will be available to you all the time. Moreover, all vps hosting server plans at myglobalHOST comes with built-in DDoS protection.

What is the difference between Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and Cloud VDS (Virtual Dedicated Servers)?

First of all, let’s get this straight that both VPS & VDS are virtual machines also being called as root servers. This means that you as a customer will have full adminstrative privileges to the virtual machine. The primary difference between a VPS server and a VDS server are basically how the resources of the physical server are being shared. Like in a cloud VPS server resources like CPU, memory, disk and networking of the physical server are fairly shared across multiple VPS whereas in a cloud VDS server resources like CPU, memory, disk and networking of the physical server are reserved according to the sizing and are not shared across multiple VDS. So basically this key difference makes VPS cheaper than VDS but we should remember that VDS offer a lot more power than a VPS server in any case.

Do you offer Virtual Dedicated Servers?

Yes, we offer VDS server based on the customers custom requirement. Kindly contact us to get the free quote.

What is the type of storage drive in cheapest vps server?

Our range of vps hosting servers are equipped with HDD – Harddisk, SSD – Solid State Drive and NVMe Chips. Kindly check each plan carefully before placing an order.

What is the connection / port speed of cheapest vps server?

Port speed also known as connection speed for upto 1Gbit/s for each vps server you choose from myglobalHOST. Kindly read the plan details carefully as we offer vps port speed for vps server in the following ranges starting from 200Mbit/s, 400Mbit/s, 600Mbit/s, 800Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s. Contact us if you’re not able to understand and needs to talk with our server administrator anytime from 11AM to 6PM IST (all days).

What is the monthly bandwidth of cheapest vps server?

All our vps server plan comes with a limit of 30TB out bandwidth and unlimited In bandwidth per month.

What is the uptime guarantee for cheapest vps server hosting?

We offer 99.95% uptime guarantee for each vps hosting server you buy from myglobalHOST.

Is there any snapshots / auto-backups in cheapest vps hosting server?

For Snapshot: Yes, each VPS comes with monthly snapshot facility which can be availed by paying a nominal charge apart from the base vps server price.

For Backups: We do not manage the backups of your websites hosted on VPS server. However our server administrator can help you setup and manage the vps backup easily.

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