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ગુજરાતમાં શ્રેષ્ઠ અને સસ્તું વર્ડપ્રેસ હોસ્ટિંગ

With Litespeed Cache Manager!

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Make your website fast with our cheap WordPress Web Hosting which comes with 1 click app installer (Softaculous), Unlimited SSL Certificates, built-in WordPress booster, Premium QUIC CDN, HTTP/3 support, LSCWP and a lot more.

અમારા સસ્તા વર્ડપ્રેસ વેબ હોસ્ટિંગ સાથે તમારી વેબસાઇટને ઝડપી બનાવો જે 1 ક્લિક એપ ઇન્સ્ટોલર (સોફ્ટેક્યુલસ), અનલિમિટેડ SSL પ્રમાણપત્રો, બિલ્ટ-ઇન વર્ડપ્રેસ બૂસ્ટર, પ્રીમિયમ QUIC CDN, HTTP/3 સપોર્ટ, LSCWP અને ઘણું બધું સાથે આવે છે.

Checkout Our Hosting Plans

Choose from the below Fastest & Cheapest Hosting Plans from one of the youngest & fastest growing Web Hosting Provider in India. Each host plan comes with Unlimited Free SSL Certificate + Control Panel, built-in booster, Litespeed Web Server, Premium QUIC CDN, HTTP/3 support and a lot more.

MYLT1 Host 1 Website


2 GB Storage

100% usable 2 GB NVMe boosted SSD storage drive without INODE restrictions.

Free Domain

Not available in this plan

2 Email ID's

Create professional email ID’s for your business domain at no extra cost.

2 Database

Database built on MYSQL 5.7 version

Unlimited Sub Domains

Create unlimited sub-domains without any restrictions

at ₹219 ₹42/mo*

MYLT1a Host 2 Websites


5 GB Storage

100% usable 5 GB NVMe boosted SSD storage drive without INODE restrictions.

Free Domain

Not available in this plan

10 Email ID's

Create professional email ID’s for your business domain at no extra cost.

5 Database

Database built on MYSQL 5.7 version

Unlimited Sub Domains

Create unlimited sub-domains without any restrictions

at ₹319 ₹79/mo*

MYLT2 Host 5 Websites


10 GB Storage

100% usable 10 GB NVMe boosted SSD storage drive without INODE restrictions.

Free Domain

Get .com or .in domain worth ₹950 FREE for 1year.

Unlimited Email ID's

Create professional email ID’s for your business domain at no extra cost.

10 Database

Database built on MYSQL 5.7 version

Unlimited Sub Domains

Create unlimited sub-domains without any restrictions

at ₹619 ₹154/mo*

MYLT3 Unlimited Website


20 GB Storage

100% usable 20 GB NVMe boosted SSD storage drive without INODE restrictions.

Free Domain

Get .com or .in domain worth ₹950 FREE for 1year.

Unlimited Email ID's

Create professional email ID’s for your business domain at no extra cost.

30 Database

Database built on MYSQL 5.7 version

Unlimited Sub Domains

Create unlimited sub-domains without any restrictions

at ₹1019 ₹254/mo*

All Cheap and Best Hosting Plan Includes

Performance & Security

  • 1 vCore CPU
  • 1 GB vRAM
  • 10MB/s IO Speed
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • XMLRPC Protection

    Free built-in Malware scanner & auto removal tool

  • WP Brute Force Protection

    Free built-in Malware scanner & auto removal tool

  • Malware Protection

    Free built-in Malware scanner & auto removal tool

  • FREE SSL Certificate

    Get free unlimited SSL certificates for your domain / sub-domain worth ₹950

  • LSCache for Wordpress

    Boost performance of your WordPress website with built-in LSCache for WordPress powered by Litespeed Web Server

  • Premium CDN

    Speed-up your wordpress website by Optimizing Codes & Images, Auto Webp Image conversion, Minify & Combining Scripts / CSS with built-in premium QUIC CDN (10GB per month).

  • HTTP/3 Support

    HTTP/3 is the next major revision of the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). It will improve speed, security, and reliability of your website for FREE.

  • Unlimited Manual Backup

    Take unlimited backups manually with the help of built-in control panel’s feature.


  • Free Wordpress Theme

    Get free DIVI theme & EXTRA blog theme for WordPress with lifetime license key.

  • Free Wordpress Plugins

    Get free premium plugins for WordPress with lifetime license key (Monarch, Bloom & DIVI page builder)

  • Free Wordpress Speed Optimization

    Get your WordPress website optimized by our team of experts for FREE to get fast loading speed of your website.

Get a wide list of FREEBIES with every best & Cheap WordPress Hosting you buy!

FREE DIVI Premium Theme & Builder

Simply build or import from over 200+ premade layouts for your WordPress website for absolutely no extra cost.

FREE Monarch & Bloom Premium Plugins

Easily share your content and increase followers on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with Monarch plugin. Bloom – an amazing email opt-in plugin that is built to help you grow your email list.

FREE SSL Certificate

Get Free 2048 bit SSL Certificate

Freebies Jan 2022 by myglobalHOST Grey min

Buy Premium Cloud Hostingat ₹ 143 /mo

Are you learning web designing?

If you are a Student and learning web designing then you are at the right plan on digital heaven called world wide web! Buy Web Hosting for Students at Rs 425 only for complete 1year.

Cheap Price

Fulfill your dream to learn & practice web designing with our cheapest web hosting plan exclusively created for learners and students.

Easy Upgrade

Upgrade student hosting to a any shared web hosting plan once you’re ready to take your business / hobby website online!

Yes! we’re available on YouTube!

We bring helpful video tutorials on our channel so that our customers can not only be benefited from the services we offer but also learn few important tips & solutions to the most common problems in the field of Web Hosting, Web Designing, Web Development & Digital Marketing.

Why Our WordPress Hosting Is the Best Choice for you!

Fast I/O Performance

We offer a minimum of 10Mbps of input-output speed for fast & smooth processing of data from our SSD drive.

Litespeed Web Server with LSCWP

We offer LiteSpeed webserver and LSCWP plugin for optimal performance & stability of your WordPress website which also makes us the cheapest wordpress hosting 2022.

Top-Notch Security

Each managed WordPress hosting plan at myglobalHOST is well equipped with Server-level Firewall, Brute force protection, Malware auto detection & removal tool to make your WordPress site secured 24x7x365.

Cheap WordPress Hosting India

Buy Premium Cloud Hostingat ₹ 143 /mo

Get upto 100 Google

Page Insights Score!

we help you improve your website’s Google Page Insights Score by upto 100* for WordPress. Initiate a live chat or call +91-7986284663 to know more.

Buy Premium Cloud Hostingat ₹ 143 /mo

Google Page Insights Score myglobalHOST 1450
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“What makes us #1 web hosting provider for Cheap WordPress Hosting in Gujarat is the way we care for our customers and their websites”

FAQ’s on Cheap WordPress Hosting Gujarat, Unlimited hosting plans & Litespeed Hosting Manager!

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about WordPress Web Hosting Gujarat, LSCWP, Web hosting agencies in Ahmedabad, WordPress CMS web hosting agencies, Godaddy hosting & Free Host for WordPress. Initiate a live chat or call +91-7986284663 to know more.

What is WordPress & Is it good for a business webiste?

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) which can be used for creating a website of all types, blog website, community or a network website. WordPress has evolved over time and provides a wide range of regularly updating plugins, themes and extensions that can be utilized as per your website requirements. One of the best difference which makes WordPress the first choice is that it has a user-friendly interface and thereby it is preferred by the developers, bloggers and many website owners with no or very less technical knowledge.

WordPress is the only platform which makes you feel that you are the master of your website apart from being the owner. Contrary to the hosted scripts like Blogger or Live Journal, WordPress is hosted on your own server and installing WordPress is extremely simple, myglobalHOST offers easy to understand WordPress tutorials on our YouTube channel which you can subscribe & watch to learn and start working on your wordpress website within few minutes which makes WordPress No 1 choice for business websites.

Is wordpress hosting free?

Certainly not! WordPress is a free & most preferred CMS. However, if you wish to make a website on wordpress then you will be requiring a hosting plan exclusively built keeping in mind the resources required for WordPress.

What is a WordPress hosting?

A web hosting plan which supports WordPress can be used to host a WordPress website. However, WordPress hosting is today’s time has become a separate identity & service simply because WordPress is the leading content management system where users can build websites without much of coding expertise. A fastest wordpress hosting or best WordPress hosting India can host websites that are built in the WordPress platform. Every website requires a web hosting plan but the plans which has a great server space, security features and higher resources are the ones best known for WordPress hosting. The WordPress hosting plans at myglobalHOST comes with pre-configured features like 1-click installers, auto-updates, free SSL certificate, malware protection, brute-force protection, CDN and a lot more which carries a great reputation and are addons to our hosting plans.

Can we consider wordpress as hosting?

Absolutely Not! WordPress is a globally most preferred CMS tool only to build a blog, a professional & business website, or a foum / portal. In any way it cannot be considered as a hosting provider.

How to make a website in wordpress with hosting?

WordPress offers unndreds of website builders plugin & premade themes which can be used to make a website really quick however if you’re looking to build a custom design then we have created an exclusive videos on how to make a webiste using DIVI in wordpress which you must checkout.

How much does it cost to host a WordPress site?

WordPress hosting plans at myglobalHOST are afforable and costs as low as Rs 42/month if you buy for alonger duration like 3years.

Is WordPress Web Hosting Cheap or Expensive?

When you decide to build a website in wordpress, the very first important thing is choosing a right hosting provider. There are plenty of hosting providers offering web hosting for wordpress which in literal terms be cheap and not affordable and good not best!. You have to learn & understand the minimum requirement of yours. For example, if you’re planning to make a simple portfolio webpage in wordpress then any ordinary host for wordpress will be fine. However, you should look for the bestest wordpress hosting if you have a vision to create a website which may have good number of traffic in coming time and is dynamic in nature meaning a business site, blogging site, portal or a forum.

Can I transfer my blog from to myglobalHOST?

Yes, you can certainly migrate your blog from to our wordpress hosting server and the best part is that our team of experts will provide you complete assistance for doing this.

Do you offer Free WordPress Migration?

Yes, we offer free of cost WordPress hosting migration and all the aspects related to migrating all your files from another web host to myglobalHOST’s WordPress web hosting server and that too for free. You simply buy a new plan with us, open a ticket and provide us the details of your current hosting account so that we can work on transferring website from your existing hosting provider to us.

Will my website face any downtime during migration?

At myglobalHOST, we ensure that your website face no or negligible downtime. Yes, we do need to plan and schedule migration so that you can plan your website’s logging tasks accordingly in case any downtime arises.

How to change the URL of WordPress Website?

WordPress itself is very easy to operate and saves the address of the location where your blog files are situated. For making changes in your website URL, go to your ‘Dashboard’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘General Settings’, here you will see an option – ‘WordPress address (URL)’ and ‘Site Address (URL)’, you can make the desired changes here and then reload your website to see if the changes are implemented. Alternatively you can simply login to your client area at myglobalHOST open a ticket and we will do it for you within no simply time.

Which hosting is best for WordPress?

myglobalHOST offers a wide range of wordpress hosting plans to choose from and it all depends upon your websites requirement. Your developer will always be the best person to ask about it. However, if you are owner of a small business wordpress website then you can opt & buy our MYLT1 plan for wordpress which is best for beginners.

Do you have a minimum contract period?

There is no minimum contract period; you can choose any billing cycle from the available options which are monthly (per month), yearly (1year), biannually (2years) and triennially (3years).

Can I upgrade my WordPress hosting plan later?

Yes. You can easily upgrade your web hosting plan for WordPress & its resources from the higher available plan or simply get in touch with our support team whenever you decide to upgrade your plan and they will help you with the hosting upgradation process.

Where is wordpress hosted?

At myglobalhost, we offer multiple data centres to host your wordpress website. You can opt for Europe, USA, UK, Singapore and India for your wordpress site hosting location depending upon your budget & target audience.

What is the difference between Shared Web Hosting and WordPress hosting?

One of the basic difference between a cheap shared web hosting plan and WordPress hosting plans is the specification of hosted websites. In basic web hosting plans, servers are configured to host normal websites developed on PHP and HTML. However, WordPress hosting servers are designed in such a way that to you can host WordPress websites with boosted loading speed and stability. WordPress Web hosting is majorly powered by LiteSpeed web server and pre-configured with WordPress-specific features that ensure a trouble-free WordPress hosting experience.

What about the customer support performance and uptime?

Certainly, there are hundreds of wordpress hosting providers in India & abroad but the factors which make myglobalhost the most preferred one are great customer support, excellent performance & 99.95% of uptime. We offer guranteed wordpress installation customer support performance.

What about the discount vs renewal price & features ease of use customer support?

Discounts are indeed good but one must understand that discounts are just to attract and no company would go in loss or pay for the services rendered from their pocket. However, we at myglobalHOST since day one of our inception has always been affordable and offeres plenty of features with easy user interface for our customers for easy management of their wordpress website.

Pros Cons of WordPress

There are plenty of benefits & negatives of having your website built on WordPress. Below are few of them which might help you.

Can I buy a Domain at cheap price from myglobalHOST?

Yes! you can certainly register / buy a new domain name for your website and renew at an unmatched pricing.

What are the awards myglobalHOST has achieved?

Within a short span, myglobalHOST has achieved 3 awards from HostAdvice which is a leading review company for all hosting providers worldwide. We have been awarded as:

Great Support Award 2022: myglobalHOST was globally recognized & awarded for Great Support for the year 2021 & 2022.

Top 25 VPS Hosting 2022: myglobalHOST was globally recognized & awarded as Top 25 VPS Hosting Provider for the year 2022.

Top 10 Web Hosting 2021: myglobalHOST was globally recognized & awarded as Top 10 Web Hosting Company for the year 2021.

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